Graduate Workshop in Complexity and Computational Modeling

Homework Problem (2010)

Past homework problems: Standing ovation (1995-97), Is that seat taken? (1998), You ought to be in pictures (1999), Cocktail party (2000), Deja vu (2001), Network news (2002), Fire (2003), Go Lance (2004), Your turn (2005), Now boarding (2006), My space (2007), Up and down (2008), and Weekend at Bernie's (2009).

Why won't cannibals eat clowns?

Consider the following situation:

Some jokes are around for only a short time, while other jokes persist through the ages.

  • Model, using whatever techniques you wish, the above scenario.

  • Suggest some standard social science scenarios that could be usefully modeled using such a process.

    Potential Solutions (to submit your solution, email them to at the Graduate Workshop were given a very limited time to complete their homework):

    John H. Miller ,